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Kayaking from Selce to the island of Krk

A couple of years ago when we started with the idea of ​​kayak tours, we noticed that it would not be attractive for tourists to drive a short route from our location in Slana Bay in Selce to Novi Vinodolski. So we decided that the tours should be transferred to the island of Krk. Since we haven't had a website or communication with agencies yet - booking seemed impossible, so at the very end of the 2018 season we set up a board with the inscription "Kayak tour - Island of Krk". And while I was writing the tour offer on one piece of paper, an Englishman approached and asked me about the details and the price of the tour. Since the tour has not been designed at all, I answered completely confident in my idea that we will cross the canal by kayak and go to Klimno Bay and have lunch there, all for 68 Euros per person. Surprisingly he said it was totally interesting and he wanted to book for the next day.

The craziest thing of all is that at that moment I had never crossed the canal by kayak! So I decided to drive away before the sun goes down and it was already over 4pm.

From our location in Selce to Murvenica Bay, which is the closest point to us on the island of Krk - it takes 45 minutes of rowing. After a few hundred meters of rowing, I thought I would never get there, but the strength of will pushed me to continue. As I moved further and further away from the land, the waves became bigger and bigger, which is normal for afternoon sea currents, but for me it was a completely new situation.

When I arrived in Murvenica Bay, I was so proud of myself and I got the feeling that I am a man of nature, and that is not even halfway from the whole route that I recommended to the Englishman. Suddenly my father showed up with the boat and I decided to go with him to inspect the rest of the route.

The next morning the Englishman showed up with his family and we set off on a tour. The ride in the morning was much better, the sea was like oil and we did not get tired at all to Murvenica Bay. Then we took a short break for brunch and moved on to Šilo where I organized lunch after which we drove all the way to the end of the large bay Klimno otherwise known for the healing mud where a taxi boat came to pick us up.

The tour was great and the guests were happy but also tired! That is why we now offer the Murvenica Bay tour with the crossing of the canal early in the morning and we bring you back after a couple of hours spent in independent exploration of the untouched coast of the island of Krk.

April 15, 2022.

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