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Learn how to stand up paddleboard

Stand up paddle boarding has become very popular in recent years. Balancing your own body while standing on a floating thing at sea? Well, of course everyone wants to try it, but it also takes some technique. Here are some tips from us:
- First adjust the length of the paddle correctly, about 20 centimeters above the head.
- Place the board in the sea, place the paddle perpendicular to the board and place your knees in the middle of the board. Usually the middle is marked by a carrying handle.
- Stand up by placing one foot in the same place as your knee and then the other, and stand up straight with both hands holding the paddle upright.
- Row close to the board with the hand holding the top of the paddle so that it is fully extended in front of your forehead and then bent at the hips. The arm holding the middle of the paddle must be outstretched at all times. While rowing, keep your back straight and bend your knees a little and you will feel control.

Otherwise, our practice is to show rowing techniques before the start of the service, and if you want it and we have time, we can demonstrate it to you. And of course we will always give you advice on how to improve your technique!

Come to us in Selce in Uvala Slana. The beach corridor will provide you with safe conditions, and when you master the technique you have a place to row! Right next to our location there are untouched natural beaches and beautiful cliffs!

May 12, 2022

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